The need for an AAA practice is dictated primarily by corporate clients seeking capital solutions beyond plain-vanilla equity. Often encompassing funding ideas that fall in the domain between debt and equity, AAA gets structural flexibility to the equation.


Spark Equitized Credit Solutions Fund 1 (SpECS Fund I)

SpECS Fund I is a SEBI-registered AIF Category-II scheme, co-sponsored by Spark Alternative Asset Advisors India Pvt Ltd and Envestor Trust. With a fundraise from HNIs, Family Offices, Corporates, and Institutions, SpECS Fund I had its final closing on 29th March 2021 at Rs.255.5 cr. Its investment philosophy would entail a focus on providing small- ticket, medium-tenor, structured-credit solutions to mid-market corporates in India.


At Spark Capital, AAA is created as a fiduciary practice to manage third-party funds across specific schemes with varying themes; the business seeks to exploit the parent’s credibility and its deal-making heritage. The extent of commitment to this practice is evidenced by Spark Capital having two of its co-founders directly involved in the effort. The SpECS Fund I Is the first of such schemes from the AAA‘s stable.


SEBI Registration Number – IN/AIF2/18-19/0639